I am m-c, an artist, traveler and explorer born on may 30th 1975. I am right now sharing my life betwee Mérindol, a small village in the south of France and Montréal, Canada.

Exploring possibilities, observing, creating and inspiring people seems to be what i am here for. I have a background in fine arts and graphic design, years of experience in web design, and some years of experience as a business owner. Add to this, years of creative writing through my blog, along with many mornings of introspective journaling on my own.

After many life experiences of doing, trying and exploring, i am into creating my dream life, a life where i am fully expressing myself, creating projects and doing what i most love: to inspire people, to explore the most beautiful places on this planet, and meet the most creative people.

I’ve been curious and challenging all kinds of rules since i’m a kid, reading about spiritual matters since i know how to read. As a kid i believed there was much i could sense but not see, and i can still remember the day where i learned about the small percentage of our brain which we are using - learning that, it was clear to me that our so called “Awaken” state was one of a sleeping person, and from that moment on, i tried to learn how i could wake up to experience my full power, the one i sensed was always there, waiting for me to uncover.

I read alot of books labeled Self help, growth and inspiration - the ones which are often overlooked or criticized for being made for self centered people. Actually, many of these books are great tools which everyone should look into if they wish to find support to look into themselves. I believe in all kinds of things, one of them being the power for everyone to create anything they want, our power to manifest and fulfill all of our desires. My favorite readings have always been about metaphysics, spirituality, reincarnation, channelling, and the beings we call aliens.

One thing you must know is that i tend to get bored really easily. Second thing if you want to take me out for dinner, i’m vegetarian and eat only gluten-free food - no flour, because as you’ll one day discover, most of processed foods out there are poison for your body - but this is up to you to find out by your own means.

Also, in case we meet, i can be seen as a really shy, low tempered person, but i am not (not always i mean). I do speak french and english but can never decide which language i should write in. I lived in Germany for 4 years but i dont speak german so well, or not at all. I was born near Montreal, Canada - yes, this is up north and particularly cold in winter and now live in the south of France with my husband and our 3 cats, Orchid, Fanta & Lili-boom.