Biography, Marie-Chantale Turgeon

Artist, communicator and life explorer, Marie-Chantale Turgeon is the blogger and podcaster behind Vu d’ici - Seen from here since march 2002. She is a well known communicator and trend observer in the development of the ever expanding medium that is the internet, this with her artistic point of view, which makes her a part of this new indie subculture.

Part of her activities, she builded Creacamp, a gathering about arts, crafts and technology. The event aims to stimulate and empower those wishing to live a creative life.

As an author, she self published her first illustrated book, First Thoughts on life, blogging, and the creative process in 2007. She was also a contributor to the book “Why blogging” where she wrote a chapter on blogging and Networking (Pourquoi bloguer dans un contexte d’affaire in french).

In 2005 she founded meïdia, a studio specialized in creating outstanding products, concepts and strategies using new web technologies. On the edge of Quebec’s Web 2.0 scene, meïdia has recently done work for the NFB, Radio-Canada, Le Cirque du Soleil, Éditions de la Courte Échelle, Ubisoft Montreal and Tellabs Chicago.

Some medias coverage and recognitions include Spin Magazine, Elle Canada, The Gazette, La Presse, CBC, Radio-Canada. Marie-Chantale is regularly invited as guest expert on various events relating to web technologies and creativity, such as ADISQ, Festival Nouveau Cinéma, Mutek, Webcom 2006, Future of Music Policy Summit, ONF, Radio-Canada Le Point and CBC Sounds like Canada.